Our gorgeous collection prints for our clothes can now be added to any blanket as well as the prints we have specifically for blankets. Your littles can snuggle up in a soft and cosy blanket in their favourite patterns, and make any reason for a cuddle stylish! Our blankets measure at approximately 70x90cm. 


Please note: Mystery choice blanket may be a limited design we have, or it may be one from our collection.


Important: We do advise that you do not leave babies unattended with items such as the blankets. Do not allow your child to overheat, and stick to the appropriate bedding you are already using for your infant. Our blankets are brilliant for snuggles on the sofa, or out for a walk in the pram. However, for your child's own safety, do not allow them to sleep with the blankets as they could easily overheat. 


Our blankets can be washed at 30 degrees, and air dried only. 


This print is called Our Forever Summer. It's made with cotton jersey and is perfect for little ones to wear all year around. We care about sustainability here and so we had this print custom made exclusively for us. This gorgeous print that will be re-released every summer for your little ones to wear, re-ware, and pass on to others. It'll always stay current, fresh, and utterly perfect for any little babe. 


Designed exclusively by @little.beasties.design

Our Forever Summer Blanket